Custom Face Masks

Car fumes, dust, pollen, industrial process, and numerous other factors contribute to one of the major issues the Earth faces today - air pollution. Medical experts highly recommend the usage of face masks to protect yourself from harmful solid and liquid particles from entering your body and hence keeping you healthy for long. Different types of face masks are popular all across the globe including cloth masks, surgical masks, N95 respirators, and the list goes on. Any of these face mask types are good to wear to get yourself protected from the air polluting factors. Let’s find out about them and some more info about the face mask.

Which Type of Face Mask You Should Wear?

You can take a clean piece of fabric to create your cloth face mask at home, they can effectively filter out your inhaling from dust, pollen, vehicle exhaust, and other polluting elements. This face mask can be a good option to encourage other people to adopt protective measures as a great healthy practice.

Some of Our Designs

Another type of mask is a surgical mask. You would normally see healthcare specialists with this type of face shield while they perform their medical duties, it is also quite effective to resist harmful bacteria and pollutants from entering your nose or mouth. Moreover, the inner layer of this disposable face mask adequately absorbs the droplets that come out while you sneeze or cough. Hence protecting the individual from contracting or transmitting any illness.

Now we will talk about the N95 respirator. Made of synthetic polymer fibers, It is an effective face shield used by industrial employees, mining workers, painters, or any other labor force that are exposed to hazardous working conditions. This compact face mask will firmly fit over your nose and mouth in particular. However, it might be a little uneasy to wear this mask all day long since the N95 respirator tightens up its grip across your mouth once you wear it. N95 masks are approved by the FDA and are shown to resist and filter out engineered nanoparticles from entering your body.

Can a Cloth Face Mask Protect Oneself from Air Pollution?

Cloth face Mask is an ideal choice for regular use. Whether you’re going out of your home to buy some groceries, going to college, or office, a cloth mask will effectively help you to practice a healthy lifestyle. Although a fabric face mask cannot be declared as the ultimate protection against harmful airborne particles, it is still effective to protect your nasal airways and mouth from dust particles, and other polluting substances that may cause some sort of illness.

Custom Face Mask by Dallas Shirt Printing

If you are still not sure about what type of mask you should wear to protect yourself from viruses and harmful bacteria, then you can choose the option to buy a custom face mask. You can order the mask of your liking and of a size that perfectly matches your facial measurements. To get the best face mask, you should visit Dallas Shirt Printing.

We provide a wide range of custom face mask printing services that you can wear for regular use. A nice printing on your custom mask will get you the attraction of everyone along with providing protection. Possibly a quote or a picture message can be some of the amazing face mask designs for inspiring others to start wearing a custom mask. Hence, you can protect not only yourself but also save the lives of other people through your inspiration.

7 Steps to Wear a Disposable Face Mask Properly

Wearing a disposable face mask might look a simple task, however, a facial covering will only be useful if it is worn by following 7 important steps that are described below:

  1. Before touching the mask, you need to wash your hands with the soap or clean them with a quality sanitizer.
  2. Select the type of mask that you seem fit for yourself.
  3. Analyze which side of the mask is the inner side that will cover your face and mouth.
  4. Hold the mask by its loops/straps/bands and bring it near your face in a way that it completely covers your nose and mouth.
  5. If you have an
    • Earloop Face Mask: Hold the ear loops and stretch them to place the loops around your ears while covering your nose, mouth, and chin.
    • Face Mask with Straps: Hold the mask with straps dangling down, then cover your face with it and tie around the straps firmly over your head or at your desired height level.
    • The N95 respirator (or other band masks): Hold the mask with the inner side facing your mouth, nose, and chin. Place it on your face while stretching one band towards the back of your neck. Then stretch the second band and place it in a crown position above your head.
  6. Slightly press the mask around your nose to ensure that the air does not leak while you exhale.
  7. Inhale and exhale a couple of times and ensure that you are comfortable with your breathing while wearing the mask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are masks effective against harmful airborne particles?

A face mask is one of the best protective measures to safeguard yourself from harmful airborne particles. It is the best way to cover your face with any type of mask to resist the foreign particles from entering your body. However, they are only effective when they are used in combination with frequent cleaning/washing of hands.

Can disposable medical face masks be sterilized and reused?

No, you should NOT try to reuse a disposable face mask again after removing them from your face, they are intended to be used only once. It is always recommended to dispose-off the face mask using appropriate techniques after usage (i.e. removing the mask without touching the front part of the mask) and use a new one when you want to use a mask again.

Does the WHO recommend routine wearing masks for healthy people?

No, according to WHO, asymptomatic people who don’t experience any symptoms of respiratory disease can avoid wearing a mask. A person should only wear a mask if he or she is experiencing an illness or comes in contact with an individual who is experiencing some sort of illness. Misuse or overuse of facial masks can create a shortage and numerous people may not be able to get the supplies at the time of need.

Are N-95 masks good for the general public?

N-95 masks should not be worn by everyone among the general public. These masks have limited supplies and hence they should only be available for healthcare workers, medical first responders, and industrial employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can face masks be customized?

We offer customizations on any kind of face mask. Our custom face masks for men and women can be bulk ordered as well as purchased singularly for personal use. With Dallas Shirt Printing, face masks can be customized. You can choose from a variety of custom printing types ranging from simple screen printing to 3D printing on masks.

Q. Are custom face masks reliable?

Custom face masks at Dallas Shirt Printing are comfortable, breathable and reliable for personal and business use. They are made with latex-free fabric that contours to the face. They are not N95 masks.

Q. How to request a quote on Custom face masks?

We offer custom logo printing on face masks at affordable prices. You can find the “Request a Quote '' button on our menu bar. A quick survey will let us gather your customization details. Provide relevant information and get a tentative quote on custom face masks right away.

Q. How to get Custom face masks for your Business?

For business logo customization, you can get custom face masks made for your business in 3 simple steps. 1) Visit Dallas Shirt Printing. 2) Select a custom design, color and material. 3) Give measurements. Once you have placed your order, our standard processing time and shipment details will be shared with you.

Q. How much do Custom Face Masks cost?

The cost of a custom face mask depends on the type of printing, material and number of masks you order. You can visit us, contact us via call or request a quote on our website for further information.

Q. How do you make custom face masks?

We make custom face masks for men and women according to their preference. We use designs of your choice to create masks with custom elastic fittings. Available sizes include small, medium, large or extra-large masks. Masks are first printed on then cut, sewn and fitted according to size chart..

Q. Can I get custom face masks in bulk?

Yes. Custom face masks for men and women are available for bulk and singular orders at Dallas Shirt Printing.

Q. Are 3D printed masks washable?

All custom face masks are 100% washable both by hand and machine. ALthough it is recommended to not machine dry them. Custom face masks for men and women with all kinds of printing including 3D printing are reusable and durable.